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Why can’t they all be like Disney employees?


Subject:Questions about my orderFirst Name:Brian
Last Name:
 E-Mail Address:
 Order Number:602-5667214-53066 Comments:I contacted you earlier about my order and asked why it was taking so long. I had ordered Glee season one for $15 on Dec 28, it’s been nearly and month and it still hadn’t been shipped by the first time I contacted you. I then get a reply from Raghunathan Jayaraman from your Online Guest Services, who couldn’t even get my name right, let alone my gender, even though I clearly filled out my name in your forms and they had told me that my order was going to shipped out on the 24th of January. Why is it then, after getting multiple order notifications that say my order will be open till at least February 12th that I get an e-mail today saying that you cancelled my order because there are none available in any of your vendors, yet when I go to the store you have shelves filled with the item that I ordered. How do I then, go about getting my Glee set for the $15 that I purchased it for? Just to let you know, this has been a disgusting experience and one that I will never repeat.
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I’ve decided to start saving up for a house. which I’ll hopefully have in about 6 years!

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My grandmother got everyone Christmas gifts before she passed.  I’m too sad to open mine.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day to do so.

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We had a group of blind people walk through our museum yesterday.  I didn’t understand.  The only thing they got to touch was glass and brick walls.  One lady was describing it to them, but it must have sounded crazy.

"Now over here is a cartoon of a mouse who’s listening to a orchestra concert in a sort of christian baptism gown.  He’s got an ice cream while sitting in a opera booth style seat.  Now he’s biting the bottom of the ice cream cone and using it like a blow gun.  He just blew the ice cream at the duck on stage who was playing the clarinet. The ice cream hit the duck in the face and he’s really up set about it. The duck is in a sailor hat and shit but no pants. LOL."

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is all I was able to say by your side, and I am. The last thing I ever said to you was that I wasn’t going to come because I was in Disneyland.  I have very little, if any, regrets in my life.  But this just became the biggest.

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Why are toy companies so lazy?? Now I have to build my own game board?!?!  Why don’t you just send me a box with the game pieces, some paper and a pencil and have me draw my own while you’re add it.  I’ll keep my $15 lazy fucktards!

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I need all the help I can get right now.

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